New Visa Service for Thai Citizens & Int'l Passport Holders based in Thailand

3 Month Tourist Visa

We can now help anyone who is based in Thailand, including Thai Citizens, to apply for a 3 Month Tourist Visa to most worldwide destinations.

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Fun For Kids

VocabGenii is a free online vocabulary building game. Each round is only 90 seconds, and you can play anytime, anywhere you have Internet access.

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Convert Units

For when you need to convert U.S or U.K. to metric.

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What Was There?

WhatWasThere ties American historical photos to Google Maps, allowing you to tour familiar streets to see how they appeared in the past.

So What Was There?

What Was There?

WhatWasThere ties American historical photos to Google Maps, allowing you to tour familiar streets to see how they appeared in the past.

So What Was There?

ML Recruiting (Bangkok)

(A division of P.N.A. Ltd)

Do You Run a Hotel or Restaurant? Frustrated With Continually Looking for Staff?
Now You Can Stop Investing Precious Time & Resources on Recruitment!!

Our new recruitment division – ML Recruiting (Bangkok) - specialises in looking after the staffing needs of the Hotel & Catering industry. After almost 25 years working in the recruitment business in Bangkok we have a database of staff at our disposal for maids, cleaners, waitresses/waiters, cashiers, receptionists, kitchen hands and cooks & unskilled labour in general that is second to none. So not only will we make the process of recruiting staff much more simple, our team of dedicated and experienced placement staff will free up your valuable time too whist saving you money. They can provide assistance with writing job descriptions and will then make use of their unique industry knowledge to network your vacancy to potential candidates.

Question: Why should I use ML Recruiting?

By using ML Recruiting you do not have to waste time screening huge volumes of resumes from candidates who may or may not be suitable for the job. By using ML Recruiting you can also start interviews straight away as ML Recruiting is likely to have a number of suitable candidates already in mind.

Another benefit from using ML Recruiting is that we can take care of as much or as little of the hiring process as you want. For example, some companies use us just to source suitable candidates so that they can conduct the screening, interviews themselves. Other companies choose to be more hands off, allowing us to source, screen, interview and evaluate suitable candidates for them before sending the candidate to them for a final evaluation. We are happy to help whichever way we can. So ML Recruiting can save your company time and money on the entire process of employing new staff. Using ML Recruiting can also help you to avoid many of the costs and bottlenecks involved in recruiting which in turn allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Types of Staff Available

Temporary staff – Employing someone on a temporary contract with a chance of renewal if they perform well can be a great motivating factor. The chance of a new contract can be a huge incentive in itself. Research has shown that Temporary Staff out-perform permanent employees even when an incentive is made available to both types because the temporary employees were on short-term contracts that were driving their performance. Temporary workers often feel a need to prove themselves in the job and as such strive for an extention to their contract.

Permanent staff – The benefits of hiring permanent staff seem obvious. A worker is likely to feel more able to do their job effectively if they know they have a measure of job security, long-term job prospects and the opportunity to build relationships with other staff. Many employers prefer to recruit permanent staff as they offer higher levels of commitment due to them valuing job security. The theory is that permanent staff buy in to the company's goals and values, aligning with the mission in order to progress through the ranks or develop their skills. This allows the company to plan months and even years ahead.

Ultimately the differences in attitude and performance between temporary and permanent staff are manageable. Just decide which you think is best suited to your needs and let us do the rest.

Fees – The Consultant Fee for the first hired member of staff will be 8,000thb and 4500thb for each additional hired member of staff (each fee includes a free replacement). These fees become due at the point of hiring.


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